Ocean/Sea Freight

OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS is well experienced in organization of transportation of various cargoes by waterways of all kinds.

Cargo transportation by sea/ocean or by internal waterways may be an integral part of multimodal transportation plan or an independent mode of transportation of cargoes between port of loading and port of discharge. We arrange transportations with both liner and non-liner (tramp) vessels. We work with all possible import, export, cross-trade cargoes that can be moved by vessels: in addition to permanent import/export container traffics we handle dry bulk, bulk liquids, palletized cargoes (including foodstuff and DG), machinery and equipment to name just a few as an example.

Road Transport

OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS successfully operates in the market of domestic road transportations for a long period of time. The company is represented by brand new container trucks. We are providers of trucking services to some container lines.

We haul 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft containers of all types (REF, HIGH CUBE, TANK, FLATRACK, OPEN TOP). Capacity of one trailer is 2 TEU.

Our truck fleet is well adapted for both interurban and local haulages, whatever our customers demand. Being owners and operators of our truck fleet we do not depend on casualties and risks always associated with involvement of third party truckers.

Nepal is a land-locked country and road transportation is an integral part of the logistics and freight transactions between Nepal and India. The terrain of Nepal makes it a major challenge though. We specialise in providing cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions that meet our clients’ businesses’ logistics needs in India and Nepal with regards to Transport ,Freight, Warehousing, Storage, Customs Clearance and Import Export Documentation.

Baharaich-Nepalgunj, Birgunj-Raxaul, Biratnagar-Jogbani, Sonauli-Bhairahawa are the entry points for Nepal cargo. Goods are transported by road and rail routes to Nepal. The rail link is available through Raxaul-Birgunj entry point. Other borders open only for road-bound consignment from Kolkata.

Starting from loading to unloading at the destination, and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit, we take nothing to chance. Even if the load is oversized or over-dimensional in nature, our logistic experts and technicians take care of the minutest of details to ensure the safety of cargo and its timely delivery to its destination, every time.


Railway transportation of cargoes may be considered as a segment of a multimodal itinerary or as an independent mode of transportation by rail between railway station (rail ramp) of loading and railway station (rail ramp) of discharge.

Nepal is a land-locked country and road transportation is an integral part of the logistics and freight transactions between Nepal and India. The terrain of Nepal makes it a major challenge though. We specialise in providing cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions that meet our clients’ businesses’ logistics needs in India and Nepal with regards to Transport, Freight, Warehousing, Storage, Customs Clearance and Import Export Documentation. The rail link is available through Raxaul-Birgunj entry point.

India and Nepal have signed treaties of trade and transit to facilitate bilateral and third country trade. They have also entered into a rail services agreement for movement of goods (container traffic and break-bulk cargo) in transit between Kolkata/Haldia and Birgunj (Nepal).

Relying on centuries to Kolkata of West Bengal to reach the sea, Nepal finds an alternative to it as a container train between Visakhapatnam and Nepal was flagged off at the Visakha Container Terminal Ltd (VCTPL).


OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS arranges transportation of various cargoes by regular and charter flights of various airlines across the world. We also arrange pre-carriages and on-carriages of air cargoes.

LCL/LTL Freightcargo Consolidation

Sometimes (and quite often) businesses and private persons require to move a small shipment/parcel from one point to another. Ordering a full truck/container/railcar is by no means acceptable in such a case being excessively expensive. OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS arranges deliveries of so called less-than-container-load (LCL) and less-than-truck-load (LTL) export and import cargoes. LCL and LTL shipments from different shippers consigned to different consignees but destined to the same place/region are consolidated to make a full container, truck or railcar load. Customer ordering LCL/LTL service always pays for the space occupied uniquely by his shipment in a container (truck, railcar). Consolidation (groupage) and deconsolidation (distribution) take place at special terminals or container freight stations (CFS) located in many regions across the world. LCL/LTL services are naturally associated with auxiliary services provided on demand:

  • Loading/offloading
  • Packing, labelling, sorting, tallying
  • Pre-shipping assessment of parcels

We can take your shipment to a local CFS if you are a shipper or deliver it to you after deconsolidation if you are a consignee.

Project Cargoes

Transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy-lift cargoes is always affected by numerous conditions and limitations which must be fully and unfailingly taken into account. The most common conditions and limitations here are payloads of transport units, pressure on rails, truck and railcar axis, maximum overall dimensions of transport units with cargoes, pressure on vessel’s deck, technical parameters of loading machinery at transhipment points etc. OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS offers you the safest and cost/time optimal plans of transportation of project cargoes of any level of complexity based on the best of our company’s experience in project cargo logistics and access to the permanently updated information on the status of transport infrastructure.

Multimodal Freight

Multimodal transportations are transportations of cargoes from supplier all the way to the final consumer by multiple modes of transport (e.g. by sea/ocean, river, road, railway, air in any sequence). Such multimodal freight chains are naturally inherent to most door-to-door transportation services. OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS provides full set of services related to organization of international and domestic door-to-door deliveries and their coordination all the way through, thus multimodal freight arrangements are an integral part of our job. Such services rendered by our company are based on partnership with a wide spectrum of carriers, terminals and other players on the transport market. Besides, a developed system of data interchange with all participants of the multimodal transportation process based on novel IT solutions helps us permanently control this process. Whenever our customers order multimodal transportation of their goods they transfer all their transport and handling related issues to us. We take care of door-to-door transportations issuing multimodal (through) bills of lading to our customers. Our experience and business liaisons help our company solve the most complicated problems in the field of multimodal transportations of various cargoes.

Deliveries of FMCG & Valuable Goods

Our experts have developed a special concept of safe transportation of fast moving consumer (FMCG) and valuable goods based on implementation of up-to-date cargo protection technologies, including:

  • Installation of satellite tracking systems in our TRUCKS
  • Use of supplementary bracket-shaped seals blocking all container doors and supplementary seal protection devices; 24X7 CARGO MONITORING

Port Terminal Handling

As a process port terminal handling of cargoes comprises a variety of operations. Optimized interaction algorithms and data and document interchange with various services, inspections, customs authorities help us provide expedited port handling services.

  • Cargo data processing;
  • Determining optimal terminals to handle specific types of cargoes;
  • Transmissions of commercial and freight documents;
  • Obtaining approvals, permissions etc. from port and state authorities for loading/offloading and storage of DG and heavy-lift/out-of-gauge cargoes;
  • Professional port/terminal document processing;
  • Cargo separation, bracing, securing, palletizing, loading/offloading, reloading onto connection transport and other auxiliary works;
  • Arranging survey (assessment of cargoes);
  • Arranging inspection of cargoes, weighing (on consignee or state authorities demand);
  • Export cargo accumulation;
  • Obtaining cargo/document releases from carriers/ship-owners/terminals;
  • Arranging container pick-ups/drop-offs;
  • Cargo monitoring;
  • Fund transfers against port/terminal invoices;
  • Development and implementation of custom-tailored handling technologies.

Customs Clearance

OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS provides customs clearance of import and export shipments entering, leaving or passing through the territory of INDIA & NEPAL by all possible modes of transport. We can assist with import/export clearance and arrange in-bond transit of various consignments.


OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS arranges independent third party survey (inspection or assessment) of cargoes, tally services, issuance of survey reports normally used as a proof in case any dispute between participants of the transportation process takes place.

Nowadays special attention is being paid to safety issues. It naturally coincides with the interests of cargo owners and other participants of the transportation process, including insurance agents. Permanently growing influence of insurance companies stimulates demand for survey services and similar types of expertise.

Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced expert with power to issue official survey documents helps you save your time and money. Survey services normally include qualitative and quantitative assessment of cargoes, evaluation of their physicochemical and biological condition. General examination of cargo condition is based on tests provided by authorized laboratories.

OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS arranges expert assessment of various types of cargoes (including DG) moved by various modes of transport.


Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics is a system of optimal distribution and control of material objects on their way through a warehouse. The main target of warehouse logistics is safety of cargoes, registration and controlled storage of goods and, basically, minimization of terminal/storage/transportation expenses. Warehousing helps minimize general logistics expenses.

Warehousing is inevitable when it comes to accumulate or consolidate (group) LCL/LTL SHIPMENTS In this case single shipments enter warehouse separately per order and exit together in a consol. This logistics technology helps significantly minimize transportation expenses distributed among LCL/LTL cargo owners based on weight/volume of each single shipment in a consol. This obvious advantage of warehouse logistics is just one in a row.

Reasonable choice of warehouses and handling equipment allows our specialists to arrange loading/offloading, handling and controlled storage of our customers’ shipments.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is a complex system which allows you to fulfil promises given to your customers and to convert contracts into material and financial traffics. Thanks to a properly designed supply chain a buyer can always obtain from retailers those goods into promotion of which you have invested a lot. Should your supply chain be inferiorly synthesized you are going to lose your sales and invest your promotional budget into nothing.

A well designed supply chain guarantees that your customer receives his/her order in proper quantity and quality and at proper place and time and pays for it in full being fully satisfied.

In case supply chain is not properly designed you face delays and extra expenses and as the result you lose your customer.

It is owed to a well-organized and managed supply chain that your production line functions smoothly and efficiently bringing you profit from supplies demanded by your customers.

In case your supply chain is mismanaged your manufacture loses efficiency/productivity or stuffs warehouses with unsellable products and you are losing income.

OCEANSTAR LOGISTICS can help you design and effectively manage your supply chains so that you could avoid losing volumes of sales, clients and profit. Hence we help you earn more!

Freight Consultancy

Our experts are always ready to answer your questions pertaining to the fields of our expertise.